Premium Services Desk

There will be Premium Services Desk for the needs of delegations and also individual guests during 22nd World Petroleum Congress at the congress venue CNR EXPO.

The services that will be given by the premium services desk are listed below.

  • Liason officer
  • Meeting hall rental ( outside of CNR EXPO )
  • Office rental ( outside of CNR EXPO )
  • Meeting Hall or Office Equipment
  • Written, Consecutive or Simultaneous Translation
  • Car Rental ( with or without driver )
  • Host&Hostess
  • Outside Catering ( outside of CNR EXPO )
  • Private Tours
  • City Tours
  • Lunch&Dinner Arrangement
  • Mobile Phone, PhoneCard
  • Charter a Private Jet, Yachts or Helicopter
  • Private car parking

 For the requests before the congress please kindly send e-mail to