The aim is to team up representatives of the young generation & industry experts in oil games, to develop the skills needed, in a way to enable networking, as well as providing a two-way industrial learning. Participants will work in teams to solve mini puzzles, industrial questions and quizzes while visiting major attractions around the city and discovering the fascinating Istanbul highlights, with maps, Go Pro Cameras, Head Straps, and accompanying guides. The team which finishes the planned racetrack in the shortest time with more correct answer will be the winner and receive an award. 

  • All students / young professionals nominated as “Young Volunteers” by the National Committees will have the opportunity to participate in the “Oilympics – Istanbul” on Saturday, 8th July, 2017.
  • “Oilympics – Istanbul” is developed as a walk through the historical peninsula so participants are expected to be ready for long distance walking.