WPC Young Professionals

“ It is important that young people are at the forefront of resolving this issue as they are the ones who will inherit this industry and should be involved in crafting its future.”
Dr. Randall Gossen-Former President of the World Petroleum Council & Special Advisor to the United Nations Global Compact

The WPC Young Professionals bring together the passion and talents of industry students, young professionals and emerging leaders willing to contribute shaping the global energy future by being a part of a global community of motivated talents and volunteers.

The WPC Young Professionals seek collaborative and innovative solutions to key technical, social, environmental and management energy challenges for future generations, guided by our values and commitments to: leadership, diversity, participation, sustainability, transparency, and excellence.

The WPC Young Professionals aim to:

  • Connect future leaders to each other and to current industry leaders
  • Share passion for the industry and the WPC brand “glocally” (globally + in local regions)
  • Bridge geopolitical boundaries to build new relationships
  • Integrate global young professional perspectives with the industry
  • Foster leadership skills today to serve the industry of the future

We are multi-disciplinary, engaging and connecting with stakeholders across the entire energy value chain to contribute to sustainable growth of the industry by:

The WPC Young Professionals are: 

  • You, students or professionals of the industry willing to fill our Young Professionals volunteer form 
  • Regional groups of volunteers and event sub-committees
The elected WPC YP Committee serving three year terms in alignment with the triennial World Petroleum Congress